Processing Techniques


Raw Pearls - In order to secure better bargains for pearl purchases, the Man Sang Group's purchasing staff maintain regular contacts with pearl farmers and suppliers in China, Japan, Australia, French Polynesia and Hong Kong. The Group's management and the purchasing staff meet regularly to estimate the market demand of pearls. In addition to purchasing pearls from farmers and suppliers, the Group also purchase pearls at international pearl auctions held all over the world.

Cleaning & Sorting - Pearls are firstly sorted according to their sizes, shapes, and other qualities by trained workers.

Drilling – After sorting, pearls are distributed to the staff for drilling the holes. The holes must be centered and positioned very precisely to hide any flaws or blemishes.

Bleaching – Pearls are then put for bleaching. The time of the bleaching process varies from a few hours to a few months, depending on the techniques used, the conditions of the pearls and the required results.


Polishing - Pearls are then polishing for better luster.

Sorting -Polished pearls are sorted according to their size, shape, color and luster into strands.

Stringing -Pearls are strung into strands of an average length of 16 inches.

Grading - Strands of processed pearls are graded and priced by experienced staff according to their size, shape, color, luster, surface and quality.